The action again is a Ansible keyword used in yaml. register − The output of the action is registered using the register keyword and Output is the variable name which holds the action output. always − Again a Ansible keyword , it states that below will always be executed. msg − Displays the message. Usage of variable - {{Output}}
I decided to move all variables to a seperate file and source them in the script You could find all varialbes needed in the file variables.txt.example. To use them just copy the file to variables.txt and adjust the values to meet your needs. The changes are pushed to master.
Many, but not all, site-wide variables are defined in your site's configuration. However, Hugo provides a number of built-in variables for convenient access to global values in your templates. What's on this Page. Get the Site object from a partial. Site Variables List.Feb 10, 2018 · You must be wondering how come I am using variable names such as ec2_key_result.changed and ec2_key_result.key.private_key. Are they defined somewhere? Values are returned from API calls. Simply run the ansible-playbook command with the -v option to see such info: $ ansible-playbook -v -i hosts ec2.key.yml
ansible register register. register 用于注册一个变量,保存命令的结果(shell或command模块),这个变量可以在后面的task、when语句或模板文件中使用,该指令用在循环中会有不同,请看ansible学习之八:Loops中关于register的讲解
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