Big Game Hunting Digest outlines application procedures, hunter success, and antler class, as well as proposed big game hunting regulations for the upcoming season. Harvest Statistics provides tables of hunter success, antler class and preference points from prior years; Guide to Hunting Deer in California (PDF) is a great resource for all deer ...
Our operation was designed by bowhunters, for bowhunters. We have excellent hunting for mule deer, Pronghorn antelopes. Rifles are not allowed on the big game. Bowhunting lasts from the first week of September to the middle of October. There are 12,000 acres of private land to hunt here. The hunting has been tightly controlled for a long time.
Hunting South Dakota’s Public Land. Posted August 1, 2011 by manager. by Garth Henderson. Hunting South Dakota public lands for a mature buck can be a long intensive process. This is the reason I took two weeks of vacation for our West River Deer season. Oct 17, 2017 · I am going to give a nod to Oklahoma, here is why; I spent 20+ years in the Northeast mountains of Arizona. Beautiful, vast swaths of public land full of elk, deer, turkey, bear, antelope and furbearers.
• Reality Hunting ™ - Hunting like it happens for YOU! • Entire 2012 TV Series on Two DVDs • Four Hours of Self-guided Hunting on Public Lands • Wolf, Elk, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Pronghorn, Black Bear • Alaska, Arizona, Montana, New Mexico, Wyoming • Price includes standard ground shipping and any applicable taxes
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