This differentiated comprehension activity will support learners in reading and responding to questions on a text. Use the accompanying PowerPoint with this resource as a visual aid to re-telling the Greek myth of Perseus and Medusa. Take a look at these Greek Mythology Images for more on the mythology of the Ancient Greeks.
Here's a fun, free, and awesome online activity about TV. Read the story, take the test, share your results! Did I mention it's free? TV. Reading Comprehension Quiz. Answer the Short Response Questions?
Your Guide To Acing Reading Comprehension How To Do Parajumbles 70+ Irregular Plurals You Should Know 150+ Important Writers You Should Know About 23 Important Literary Terms You Should Know About 14 Literary Movements You Should Know About Greek and Roman Mythology Major Gods From Norse Mythology Important Books / Details of The Bible In Greek mythology, the world, a goddess named Gaia, came out of nothingness, along with a few other ancient deities. Gaia and the god of the sky, Uranus, had six male children and six female...
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