Solution: Connecting via usb or ps2? Uninstall the usb hub drivers and completely remove the drivers from the I've tried replacing mouse and keyboard but it didn't help. There was nothing particualrly On that one it flubbed up the other usb devices plugged in. It could also be a motherboard issue.
I found that the USB ports in the Dock disconnect whenever I close the lid, even though I have my power settings changed to do nothing when the lid closes. The Display in the dock keeps working but not the USB ports. The display has to be open all the way back or the keyboard & mouse & USB drives in the dock just switch off randomly.
Jan 07, 2013 · IF you find any USB keyboard or mouse listings there then remove them from the list and reboot to normal mode. Also, look in Control Panel> programs and features for any software associated with the mouse and keyboard. Apr 18, 2018 · Yeah both the armory and firmwares are updated, also tried all the other ports problem still happens, now the light is just flashing red and 10min ago the mouse stopped working completely both wired and wireless, armoury set the mouse to 50dpi and all the buttons automatically set to disable, i swear i dunno wth is going on with this mouse
Windows 10 Login Screen not recognizes to ANY keyboard and mouse (both wired and wireless) but when power up to start up and the keyboard is working fine before login screen. I am able to enter BIOS (keyboard working fine) and Acer Recovery Program (pressed by ALT + F10) and both keyboard and mouse working fine.
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