Actuator definition is - one that actuates; specifically : a mechanical device for moving or controlling something.
Jul 27, 2009 · I just bought this truck a little more than four months ago. I told the dealership something was wrong with the passenger sides A/C. When he came out, he said it was fine. Now, in the middle of this lovely hot summer.....all of my passengers are sweating. The actuator (product number: 89018365) is not covered in the limited or extended warranty. Now, I'm stuck. Does anyone know where I can get ...
There’s a chance the mode or blend door actuator may be good but the door or linkage is binding, so check it before you replace the actuator (photo above). If the door binds, take it to a pro for replacement. However, if it moves smoothly, buy a new blend door actuator from the dealer or auto parts store. Install it and test the operation. Designed to Fit PETERBILT Trucks Actuator Buttons Illuminated By LED Also Available: PP-27YKIT Chrome Actuator Button Starter Kit For Electric Rocker Switch (Starter Kit Includes 5 Rockers And The Removal Tool) PP-27HL PP-27CL PP-27EF PP-27EB PP-27HA UW-2008 PP-27bea beacon lights PP-27c cruise on/ off PP-27cab cab lights PP-27cl clearance ...
(01-24-2016, 12:42 AM) torqueman Wrote: Hi. I was wondering if some body can help me finding exactly the cruise cutout switch for brake pedal. This is 2004 Pete with Cat c15 BXS in it and in Cat Et status it shows all the time on and don't allow cruise/engine brake to turn on.
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