Aug 08, 2009 · Professional Builder - 08 AUG 2009 - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. From cover to cover, twelve times a year, every page of Professional Builder is filled with crucial information for builders everywhere.
Interesting repository: "Ct.js - a 2D game editor that makes its bet on good documentation, visual tools and smooth workflow" https: ... "UV-Based Nodes ...
- Fix bug where UV and Smoothing group changes would not immediately revert on Undo operations. - Fix regression that broke Ctrl-Left click to copy UV settings to face. - Fix bug where ProBuilder Editor skin settings would "leak" to other Editor windows. - Fix bug where collisions would sometimes not respect user preference when creating new ... オブジェクトのバーテックス設定で、UVマップに名前をつけて、それぞれ、全体を普通にUVマップしたもの、正面からの写真にあわせたもの、同じく右からの写真にあわせたもの、で設定する。
ProBuilder v2.3. You now have both Auto-UV and Manual UV unwrapping options for both fast and fine-grained control. Simply open the “UV Editor Window”, then enter Element mode and edit the UVs by vertex, edge or face. Changes are reflected immediately in the Unity SceneView- zero guesswork. Similar to Geometry Editing, the UV
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